Our Black Temple

The Universe is our home.We are intergalactically connected; from the follicles of our hair to the ‘soul’ of our feet. Our bodies…..oh our sweet nectar-filled, sun-sculpted, moon-lit bodies shine with the utmost inner and outer glow so much that it confuses them whether to touch the day or night. The blood of the ancestors runs through our veins. Being the […]

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Comparing yourself, the way you look,your hair, possessions; your whole life to another has the potential to be very poisonous. As it relates to relationships one should refrain from comparing their past love to the present one whether good or bad just simply don’t….it’s a recipe for disaster. Individuality is a very beautiful thing. If […]

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Trust Your Journey

For quite some time now I was a very lost individual. Questioning everything ‘sigh’….and I mean everything that society had created for me over the years. Was i suppose to look like that? the thoughts and perceptions I developed; was it really so? I questioned my beliefs….my purpose….the purpose of life; i questioned down to […]

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