Trust Your Journey


For quite some time now I was a very lost individual. Questioning everything ‘sigh’….and I mean everything that society had created for me over the years. Was i suppose to look like that? the thoughts and perceptions I developed; was it really so? I questioned my beliefs….my purpose….the purpose of life; i questioned down to the very hair that grows outta my head….was it really for me? These thoughts and perceptions…..’way of life’ spiraled out of control. Depression became an understatement. I walked around with a fake facade; which is exactly what it was, thinking that that ‘way of life’ was ‘thee way of life’. I was comfortable in other words mean I was just simply stuck…..I was afraid to dissect myself from these shades of gray…one size fits all state of being….I was afraid to grow. But one day here come a being that helped me to walk out and see the sun. My third eye became open and was in full effect. I decided to jump that day…..This so far has been a exciting process… I absolutely Love the ‘Womb’man…Goddess that ‘Eye’ am becoming.

Sign: Becoming Enlighten

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