Comparing yourself, the way you look,your hair, possessions; your whole life to another has the potential to be very poisonous. As it relates to relationships one should refrain from comparing their past love to the present one whether good or bad just simply don’t….it’s a recipe for disaster. Individuality is a very beautiful thing. If you begin to have a tendency to compare, catch yourself before it’s too late; what that does to your partner is cause paranoia and thus they begin to overthink every little thing he or she does, leaving them to wonder if they are a good or bad reflection of their partner’s past. This drives away individuality ‘your power’ therefore causing problems. Strive for individuality!! You are uniquely made…..there is no one like you….own your individuality….that’s Your Power!!!


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Passionate, dedicated, creative enthusiast, self starter are just a few names to describe myself. A 20-something driven young black female with the determination that of a hungry lion. Just here sharing my thoughts...culture...life×style....life lessons....hits and misses. Enjoy With Love...XO

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