Following My Bliss


Words from my mother “So a man thinketh so is he”….and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this notion from your parents, relatives or even friends at some point in your life. The powers of the mind is not something to take lightly. The stories we tell ourselves and the very things we believe about ourselves can either prevent things from happening or they can manifests itself. I know for me there are times when I would tell myself that a certain thing may not work out or happen. It infact turned out that the exact same thing I was telling myself would not happen indeed came to pass…..You know why?….because it got to a point where i started to manifest negativity… whatever you put in you get out!!
Many of us have preconceived mindset about certain things in life and that is where we go wrong. We are made in the presence of Gods and Goddesses that are inherently within us and that makes us capable of doing anything we put our ‘minds’ to.
In life certain situations may present itself and we may think ohh its too small or big for us….but let me tell you this run with the wind…matter a fact out run the wind (mind) embrace it, put your own spin on it, own it….because there is a reason why certain opportunities present itself…its apart of our destiny and purpose. None of it is a coincidence. You would be surprise where it takes you!

Following My Bliss

8 thoughts on “Following My Bliss

  1. Amazing!! I feel like you read my mind with this one!!! Exactly!! The mind is a powerful force and people dont even realize it! Wonderful post.


  2. Life is going to continue to be great and filled with many days of happiness. Keep moving forward and make your dreams come to life.


  3. Great insight indeed. Well said. “You can achieve anything you put your mind to”… they say…you too. Deep down; we know that. I think. On the other hand, it’s difficult to have faith, hope and believe that you truly “can”, when you reflect on all the happenings leading up to that very moment. Lost in thoughts and that loud voice saying “you never will…’s not meant to be”….. over and over like a broken record….. but there’s that little voice….just below a whisper….saying ” you can”….”you will”…nothing worthwhile comes easy. For a moment, just a mere second…. you believe. And there’s a “but” again….no….and the many questions and doubtful thoughts cloud your mind once more. I say turn up the volume of that whispering voice, redefine your purpose in life… not intrinsically motivated? There is that someone, something, book, movie, song, “A GREATER BEING “. Read a blog! Those times we spent in College…. it never occurred to me that you too had a story. After reading your first blog, Krissy…I was like “what you know bout me” wasn’t strong enough to read the others…. I sure am now though…. atleast I’m trying to be.

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  4. If this isn’t the truth…I do all my best to remain positive and actually working toward remaining positive


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