Me and Mine


Lost in a world of ‘Young Thug’s’, when suddenly I looked up and saw him…..he had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. His piercing eyes drew me in sooo deeply….it was as if he could see my soul and I saw his…..soulmate. He smiled at me…ohh that smile made my heart skip a beat. His chocolate skin, sunkissed….so unbothered it’s as if he was in a world by himself. As he walked by the trees bowed down to him. A true King. He stopped dead in his tracks and was walking back toward me…..*gasped deeply for breath*…….*act natural*……”excuse me” he said, “do you know what time it is?” I told him what time it was and he replied “thank you! Btw you have such beautiful hair…..kinks and all…he smirked…….I love it all!” His voice….ohh the masculine tone of his voice….had me lost in every single word he uttered. His body sculpted by the sunlight and bursting moonlight…the epitome of art….a masterpiece. Skin so brown….lips so round…baby how can’t I be down! I tried so hard not to get caught staring at what I believe to be a God. But I couldn’t help myself…..his presence took me into another existence. He asked if he could join me and I said yes.
He sparked a convo about black history based on the book he saw me with….he articulated himself so impressively I was in awe. I was thinking to myself this is too good to be true…..but that’s where I went wrong! It was good and it was true all the the same damn time. He embodied everything he was expressing…..I felt the passion inside. He was no prince charming and this was no fairytale by any means. He’s my King befitting for the throne.

He’s mine….Indeed He’s Mine!

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