Beauty Marks or Scars!?


Body art~Laolu Senbanjo

What if the words we spoke appeared on our skin….would we still be beautiful…. I can’t say enough how powerful words can be! Being accountable for the things we say is just as important as being accountable for our actions. Words have the POWER to UPLIFT and words have thePOWER to TEAR-DOWN. Think about what you say…how you say it and how those words can impact someone’s…entire existence. Think about yourself…do you highlight the negative or do you try to stay positive regardless of what’s going on at any given time. We have to remember that these words can…may and sometimes will leave an everlasting impact on our lives. So make sure your words are beauty marks and not scars!
“I have the power to create in my life what I want to be; purification is key🔑”~Queen Afua
Have a lovely weekend lovelies

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