Summer Daily Clense Routine


Soooo….In the mornings when I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone for any messages or missed calls that I might have gotten. Then, I head over to instagram and check a few news and gossip sites and scroll through a lil lol. After that I drink a glass of lemon water. Yes, I do! It has enormous amounts of benefits such as my favourite curbing my craving apetite…..if you know me you know I’m always craving fa sumn no matter how much time mi tek washout lol.

7 Health Benefits
-Balance your PH level in the body
-Boost your Immune System
-Acts as a Natural Diuretic
-Aids in Digestion
-Aids in Wieght Loss
-Hydrate Lymph System
-Helps Purify and Stimulate the Liver

All you need is a glass of lukewarm water and a few slices of lemon….its that simple.


When life gives you lemons make lemon water! 😁



Published by

Soul Ethnicity

Passionate, dedicated, creative enthusiast, self starter are just a few names to describe myself. A 20-something driven young black female with the determination that of a hungry lion. Just here sharing my× lessons....hits and misses. Enjoy With Love...XO

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