Spa Day


Who say you cant bring the spa to your home. You don’t have to spend a whole lot a money. You can relax right in the comfort of your own home. Unwind and get the much needed dose of relaxation that you lack. I’ve compiled a few of my own tips to share with you guys and the best part is, its super inexpensive! You dont have to worry about shelling out all your coins. Alot a time we have alot going on and we tend to take care of everyone but ourselves. That ends right now!
We bringing the spa home! 😃


Step 1- Get in the mood honey. Burn some sage throughout your apartment. Get rid of all that negative energy.


Step 2-  Get your spa swag on by putting on you favourite robe and bath slippers.


Step 3- Start running your bath. My absolute favourite is the Coconut milk bath using coconut milk bath soak, bath salts, lavender oil and rose petals.


Step 4- Dim or turn off the lights and draw for your favourite candles and some meditation music to seal the mood.


Step 5-  After about 25 to 40 minutes of relaxing (your desired time) rinse off and thats it guys. Renewed and Refresh!



Published by

Soul Ethnicity

Passionate, dedicated, creative enthusiast, self starter are just a few names to describe myself. A 20-something driven young black female with the determination that of a hungry lion. Just here sharing my× lessons....hits and misses. Enjoy With Love...XO

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