Soooo…..I came across this photo sometime ago and it brought back so many blissful memories. The nostalgia associated with this picture got me smiling from ear to ear.  I remember one instance so vividly when I got some rope that was laying around the house and decided to build a swing. I was very determine to get that swing. I attached the rope to the #11 mango tree inna mi yaad (still there) and secured it as much as I could. I got a piece of board and squeezed it in between the ropes and away I went back and forth…weeeeeeeee………😁😀 swinging the hell out a that swing trying to go as high as I could. Suddenly I was on the ground wid a buss head crying lol. However I look back and I wouldnt have changed it fa the world. I am proud of the upbringing I got in Jamaica. The tree climbing, the barefoot strolling, the ring games…..mannnn……nothing the most smartest tech can create that will eva come close to these sweet sweet memories and experiences I had as a child.

Proud Island Gal
Proud Jamaican

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