Carnival is Woman


I came across this photo while stalking everything that remotely consist of the hashtag Trinidad Carnival…..what? Where? Who? When? U name it i was in full #IdidNotGetToGoToTrinidadSoImmaStalkTheLifeOuttaItOnSocialMedia mood lol it sucked. Anyways from the photos and videos that I saw it seemed like everyone had the time of their lives. Then I came across this stunning thought-provoking photo and it sent shockwaves all through my body. She not only wore this costume she embodied it!….she lived it!….she owned it! This is what carnival is about its a celebration of our ancestors….what they did, who they were and what they stood for. She showed strength….empowerment…traditions…..boldness….culture….tenacity….tribe….fearlessness and that is exactly what carnival is about. Carnival is Woman!!



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