Suitcase Chronicles

Hey gals and guys, hope everyone is having a great week so far….#HappyHumpDay. I should have written this post a couple weeks ago but I had alot a stuff doing anyways better late than never.

Day 1
Busch Gardens
So this trip to me to Tampa. I got a free ticket to go to Busch Gardens and lets just say you aint gotta tell me twice 😂. Busch gardens Tampa is a theme park that is apart of the Seaworld family. The park consist of amazing rides such as the cobras curse, colony crown and falcons fury. But being the chill person that I am, I took a stroll through the Edge of Africa, a train ride tour and a skyride. Im scared of heights 😩 but due to peer pressure I gave in and tried the falcons fury…..gurrrlll that sh*t was scary..I’m not gonna lie lol I was like ‘ unuh put mi dun’ lol I was so done after that.






Day 2
Tampa Musuem of Art

I abslutely love museums and I had to visit one while I was in town. The Tampa Museum of Art is located downtown. The building is stunning and equipped with modern architecture. It has a large open space as you enter, a goegeous glass staircase, a cafe and a gift shop. They showcase pieces ranging from the BC era to modern and contempory art.







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Soul Ethnicity

Passionate, dedicated, creative enthusiast, self starter are just a few names to describe myself. A 20-something driven young black female with the determination that of a hungry lion. Just here sharing my× lessons....hits and misses. Enjoy With Love...XO

3 thoughts on “Suitcase Chronicles”

  1. So before reading the last two sentences I was like “no she didn’t go on the Falcon’s fury”…..But then I finished reading and there it was…. Lemme just say YOU’RE CRAZY!!!
    Now I feel the urge 🤔

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