‘Good Friday’ Yaadie Style

Now, Jamaica is known for its spicy succulent Jerk chicken in terms of food. However around the ‘Easter holidays’ the only thing thats on the lips of Jamaicans are everything seafood and of course the notorious bun and cheese (no easter egg around here sorry).
Right now every supermarket bun and cheese shelf empty (big man ting)😂😂. For real though, whether you want your fish steam dun, fry, jerk or escovietch from the spanish word escabeche otherwise know as ‘scobeech’ you name it I’ve had all and its so yummy. So if you gals or guys go out and about today and had a chance to get some fish/ bun and cheese, I’d like to know how that went so feel free to share in the comments below.



Happy ‘Holiday’

4 thoughts on “‘Good Friday’ Yaadie Style

  1. Now why would you do this to me???? 😥😢
    I’ve never been so desperate to have some bun in my life like I am now……


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