Stress Relieving Strategies

​ This thing called stress is a serious thing and can do alot of harm to the body. In today’s society it’s seen as something that we should just accept and carry on. Controlling stress involves taking into consideration your thoughts, what you put into your body and your everyday interaction and routines. Dealing with stress is easier said than now….I know! However, with a constant effort of exercising certain habbits it can be achieved. Here are a list of stress controlling strategies I include in my everday life.

1. Reduce Commitment 

There is alot of pressure that comes with commitment especially when its coming from people that you love. Can you do this for me? Can you send me that? Can you take care of this for me? It all can be overwhelming and because I dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’d cave in and say yes. You have to decide if this is worth your time and energy. If not that’s just clutter that you don’t need in your life.

Its ok to say No

I have learned that it is ok to say no. Somethings you just cant do and thats okay. You have to take care of yourself and this is the first step that leads to me time….Invest in yourself!

I usually take at least 10 minutes out of my daily routine to take a breath.

 Inhale deeply (on your tippy toes)….Exhale (hmmmm relax flat on you feet)

Meditate for at least 5 minutes to declutter your mind from negative thoughts and ultimately the body is rid of any negative energy. My fav ❤

3. Himalyan Salt Lamp 

Salt lamps are not your regular household lamps. These lamps have negative ions that are released in order to neutralize radiation from electronics such as microwaves. Salt Lamp also prevent any static buildup within the home. Himalayan Salt lamps cleans the air, increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain and this helps me to sleep like a baby.

4. Stop Procrastination

This is never good. Being indecisive causes alot of stress because the only thing that’s being done is just stuff piling up on each other. Nothing is being done because you cant decide and at the end of the day youre just stressed out. I started to take care of things as they arise and this has reduced my procrastination tendencies.

5. Plan

My planner has come in very handy. Before I would say I’m going to buy or do something and when the time comes I could not remember and I used to get so frustrated and stressed. But now I write it down and whenever I go out I dont have to try to remember what I needed to get. Great for scheduling events and keeps you one step ahead. Invest in a planner

 6. Eat healthy/ Exercise

So I’m so flawed when it comes to this ugh however, I have cut beef and pork out of my diet. It was really hard 😩. Pork and beef just sit up in your body causing alot of mood swings and depression. I try to eat at least 1 servings of fruit per day and add as much green as I possibly can. Recently I’ve been loving quinoa and been eating alot of fish. I work out atleast 2 times a week lol babysteps. 

7. Take a Bath

This helps you to calm and relax. Actually I learnt that being horizontal in the water helps with your mood. Our bodies relate the the calmness, positioning of our bodies along with the warmth of the bath to the womb and this eases our body and mind. I also add bath salts, essential oils, sometimes natural bathbombs and herbal mixtures to my bath. Similar article here

8. Drinking Tea

In Jamaica we drink tea for everything under the sun😂 lol. The ritual of making the tea and drinking it is a great way I use to relieve stress. Herbal teas contain amino acid that produces a calming nature in the body and awakens the mind. It’s aroma helps to foster positive energy leaving you with a soothing feeling.

Before you go I’d love to hear from you; what are some stress relieving strategies that you use in your life?