Summer Protective Hairstyles

Ok let’s face it. It is impossible for me to style my hair every morning all while tackling the everyday challenges of life. Every Sunday I wash my hair and do some kind of protective styling to last the week max. I follow a bunch of protective hairstyle pages and influencers one specific one is @sashabasha, she is a beast when it comes to protective styling. I often go to her page for ideas.

The goal of protective styling is to basically style your hair in such a way that the ends of your hair is tucked away and protected. I love protective hairstyles because they are very convenient and stylish and they cause minimal to no damage to my hair. Protective hairstyles should never be limited. The mere twisting of the hair carries out the same preserving functions that we aim for.
Here are my top 5 protective hairstyles I am obsessing over for Summer 17.

Faux Locs

These are really popular on the social scenes and you can see why…..They are beautiful and can be done using various different techniques. The style is typically achieved using wool of some type of kinky hair wrapped around a braid.

Flat Twist


Created with a two strand technique, these stylish twists add chic to whatever look you are trying to achieve. This style is great for natural hair as well as transitioning hair. It is beginner friendly, very simple and easy to achieve.

Short braids

Long hair is so overrated. These braids are super cute and edgy. With all the beat that summer brings having long braids resting on your neck and back doesn’t seem like a good idea. They don’t cause heaviness and tension as opposed to long braids. Key to always remember is to ensure the edges are oiled and hydrated at all time.

Halo Braid


I love these halo braids with a tribal twist to it. The braids and beads on the side add a sprinkle *more like a shower* of black girl magic to this style☺. It gives off a very elegant appearance.

Feed in Braids and Beads

I’m obsessed! This style is otherwise known as invisible braids because of the seamless technique used to achieve this style. The way the style is approached, it’s almost always impossible to tell where the additional hair is added. Of course this removes tension from your edges which is very important….gotta protect the edges.

Marley Twists (Rope Twists)

These gorgeous twists are simple to install and last for at least 2 months. Known to many in Jamaica as rope twists, they allow a different take on the braid trend and are very chic and versatile. Once again ensure that the edges and roots are hydrated to prevent itching and promote longevity of the style.

Protective styles are important because it allows low manipulation of your actual hair thus preventing breakage. The end game is to really preserve and protect the hair from any kind of damage and in turn, foster growth and overall, a healthy head of hair.

I’m going to challenge myself to do at least 3 of these styles for the summer.

What are a few protective styles you can’t wait to try this summer?


Photo credit: Pinterest

42 thoughts on “Summer Protective Hairstyles

  1. Love them all! I’ve probably tried most of them lol. But protective styles are definitely amazing. Saves so much time in the morning LOL

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  2. These protective styles are absolutely gorgeous. I’m currently rocking some feed-in braids right now, but I’m about to get some crochet braids before I go out the state on vacation. I’m excited to go on some hair adventures during the summertime!

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  3. I love them all! I’m so lazy when it comes to my hair ugh! I’ve been meaning to try faux locs for the longest and I’m going to make it my mission to do so at some point in the summer. Thanks for these.


  4. The feed in braids with the beads is my favorite from the list. It looks so pretty. I’m just like you, I don’t have the time nor the patience to style my hair every morning so every Saturday or Sunday after I wash my hair I put in protective style until the next wash day.

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  5. Was literally thinking on what I am going to do to give my hair a break and I just decided I am going to braid my hair tomorrow(hoping my son will let me). I love these hairstyles they look so beautiful and I like how they do last and give your hair a rest.


  6. I love a good halo braid. It keeps the hair out of your face and off your neck. Anything that does that is a win in my book.
    Aitza B |


  7. Great styles! I’ve started liking the flat twist style a lot, so would definitely want to try that out this summer. I’d also be interested in the marley twists. Thanks for sharing these, it’s given me some new ideas 🙂


  8. Love this post! I’m always obsessing over protective styles that will allow me to save time, stop playing in my hair, and let my hair grow! Lately I’ve been craving feed in braids with beads but I never like how straight back braids look on me because I think my head is to big. lol. Thanks for sharing! This was awesome!

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  9. I love all of these! Mini twists, halo braids, and crochet are my go to. Im going on vacay in a week, considering cornrows with boxbraids in the back. I’ve been loving that look so I cant wait to try it.

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