Ahdrenalin Carnival: Road Of The Valkyries

The word Valkyrie, pronpunced (Val-ker-ee) when translated means the chooser of the slain. Their main duty was to select the slain warriors, who had fallen in battle or other combat, such as quest or killing dragon. Bold, fierce and beautiful are just a few words to describe this very dominant female helping spirit of the God of Odin. They were devine and possessed a wealth of wisdom. This band, created by Ahdrenaline Carnival called Road of the Valkyries embodies strength, beauty and fierceness.

Excerpt from Ahdrenaline Carnival

This is an incredible tale of the phenomenal women known as the choosers of the slain and the extraordinary warriors that they were tasked with.
The Valkyries were female warriors from ancient lore recognised as having power over the mortal realm. Their paths would cross with the Berserkers, the greatest male warriors of the time. “

Section: Eir
The Valkyrie with the power to heal and revive the dead. Her unique gift gives her the ability to counteract the ravages of war.

Section: Kára
A rebirth who has been here before, Kára plays by her own rules. Rebellious yet wise; she has nerves of steel but the kindest heart.

Section: Herja
The goddess of war is as intimidating as they come. Herja is the architect of many great battles as her lust for war is undeniable.

Section: Brunhild
The Valkyrie queen, Brunhild is the strongest and most revered. She is a definite leader and is known to affect the outcome of wars.

Section: Göndul
The magician. Göndul is the enchantress with mystical powers that can overcome her opponents without breaking a sweat.

Queen warrior mode in full effect! Which one of these stunning costumes are your favourite?

Are you playing mas this year?

Let me know in the comments below.

For more info check out Ahdrenaline Carnival

Image source: Ahdrenalin Carnival

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