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What is natural? There have been a wave of products on the market that all say natural. We have been basically bombarded with this word but do we really know what natural is? Can we trust that what we are getting is natural without second guessing it? These are just a few questions that i asked myself so I went ahead and did the research. The revelations were awful. Natural isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The FDA does not regulate the word natural and the meaning of this word natural could mean a series of different things and is varied from company to company. It all makes sense now. Urine is natural and if a company decides to include this ingredient in their product making process they technically still can label their product as natural according to the FDA laws. How crazy is that?!

This post is just to share with you a few everyday non-toxic products that I use in my home.

I stay away from products containing parabens, parfume/fragrance, alcohol, chlorine, propylene glycol, phthalates, aluminum and dmdm hydantoin. These products are highy toxic and has the potential to cause major disturbances and imbalances within the body’s system and functions.


Source: Pinterest

A clean bathroom makes for a happy home. Our bare skin is almost always exposed when using the bathroom so I found it important that I use the Mrs. Meyer’s brand non-toxic products in this area of my home. I use the same brand product on surfaces and in the kitchen as well.

For upkeep in between cleaning days I created a mist using water, lemon, lavender essential oil and coconut vinegar that I spray on shower walls and wash off just to keep it refreshed and also less work when the next cleaning day come around. Win win!

Source: Pinterest

Laundry is another area I found important. What I use on my clothes and linens has a direct effect on my body. I use Mrs. Meyer’s laundry soap and dryer sheets. What I love about this product is that it has essential oils infused in the mixture and on the label it tells you how each essential oils will aid in your daily life.


Keeping the body mosturized and silky and smooth for my entire family I use raw shea butter.

Source: Pinterest

My shower routine consist of a mixture of castile soap, honey, water and lavender essential oil.

For that time of the month I use Shuya sanitary napkins. They are non-toxic, chlorine free and has a negative ion strip that has many proven health benefits including reducing pain and inflammation. This pad comes completely sealed [as they should] and leaves me feeling fresh and dry.

Source: Bambo Nature Diaper

Finding an eco-friendly non-toxic diaper was a walk in the park. Yeah right?! Cloth diapers are great but there are times when traveling and calls for disposable diapers. I use the Bambo Nature brand diapers and let me tell you these diapers are so soft and breatheable and has pretty decent absorbancy and retention. They are free of harmful chemicals and perfumes. This minimizes the risk of developing allergies and diaper rash. It has a wetness indicator that changes color when full. I live by these diapers.

Please feel free to share with me in the comments some of your products and tips.

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3 thoughts on “Non- Toxic Living

  1. I’m going to give Meyers a try. I’ve heard about that brand before but never got around to it but since I’m trying to use more natural products I’ll add it to the top of my list. Great post!


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