Summer Protective Hairstyles

Ok let’s face it. It is impossible for me to style my hair every morning all while tackling the everyday challenges of life. Every Sunday I wash my hair and do some kind of protective styling to last the week max. I follow a bunch of protective hairstyle pages and influencers one specific one is @sashabasha, she is a beast when it comes to protective styling. I often go to her page for ideas.

The goal of protective styling is to basically style your hair in such a way that the ends of your hair is tucked away and protected. I love protective hairstyles because they are very convenient and stylish and they cause minimal to no damage to my hair. Protective hairstyles should never be limited. The mere twisting of the hair carries out the same preserving functions that we aim for.
Here are my top 5 protective hairstyles I am obsessing over for Summer 17.

Faux Locs

These are really popular on the social scenes and you can see why…..They are beautiful and can be done using various different techniques. The style is typically achieved using wool of some type of kinky hair wrapped around a braid.

Flat Twist


Created with a two strand technique, these stylish twists add chic to whatever look you are trying to achieve. This style is great for natural hair as well as transitioning hair. It is beginner friendly, very simple and easy to achieve.

Short braids

Long hair is so overrated. These braids are super cute and edgy. With all the beat that summer brings having long braids resting on your neck and back doesn’t seem like a good idea. They don’t cause heaviness and tension as opposed to long braids. Key to always remember is to ensure the edges are oiled and hydrated at all time.

Halo Braid


I love these halo braids with a tribal twist to it. The braids and beads on the side add a sprinkle *more like a shower* of black girl magic to this style☺. It gives off a very elegant appearance.

Feed in Braids and Beads

I’m obsessed! This style is otherwise known as invisible braids because of the seamless technique used to achieve this style. The way the style is approached, it’s almost always impossible to tell where the additional hair is added. Of course this removes tension from your edges which is very important….gotta protect the edges.

Marley Twists (Rope Twists)

These gorgeous twists are simple to install and last for at least 2 months. Known to many in Jamaica as rope twists, they allow a different take on the braid trend and are very chic and versatile. Once again ensure that the edges and roots are hydrated to prevent itching and promote longevity of the style.

Protective styles are important because it allows low manipulation of your actual hair thus preventing breakage. The end game is to really preserve and protect the hair from any kind of damage and in turn, foster growth and overall, a healthy head of hair.

I’m going to challenge myself to do at least 3 of these styles for the summer.

What are a few protective styles you can’t wait to try this summer?


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My Summer 17 Must-Haves

It’s almost mid-week and I hope everyone has been blessed with a great week so far and for those who are facing challenges keep yah head up ❤

So, It’s officially summer and I know everybody is excited with every sunshine causing the most beautiful beach days of the year. With the new season upon us comes the urge to want new things. And there is nothing wrong with that but at the same time there is also a need to declutter. Maybe donate a few old pieces of clothing you don’t need anymore to salvation army or re-sell them to Plato’s closet etc. After that we can get started on our wishlist or must-haves haul. Here’s a list of summer essential I need in my life.

Mule Flats

So, think cosy flats. They are absolutely gorgeous and a definite staple for any closet. They also come in handy on days when you don’t have any pedi and want to somewhat cover your toes; these are perfect for that. Very high fashion and stylish and they are perfect for whatever look you are trying to achieve. Definitely certified streetstyle. 

Moroccan Pouf (Ottoman)

Hand woven with precision by the Berber woman in Morocco, these Moroccan Poufs otherwise known as floor pillows are nothing short of absolute beauty. They are so unique and add depth to your home decor…..they are a must have. I neeeeedddd 😩.

Straw Hats

These are a must have. Summer calls for never ending beach days, pool days and vacations; it just wouldn’t be right without the perfect beach hat. 

Straw Totes

These beautiful woven chic basket-like totes are the perfect thing to grab before you head out the door. They are super earthy and gives off an island vibe.

Little Yellow Dress (LYD)

You know how they say every girl should have a LBD…yah sure. However, for the summer eyes are set on a gorgeous yellow dress. Yes….sunshine yellow is a must for summer especially for my highly melanated sisters….yasss! There is nothing like a highly melanated sis in a yellow dress 😍.


Walking around in stilettos this summer….no bueno! Mules for the win! They are absolutely hands down the it-shoe of summer 17. They are easily a go to; day or night, very accessible and very chic. The chunky low heel makes it so comfortable to walk in. These should be a definite staple for the summer.

What’s on you summer must have list?


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Met Gala 2017 Recap

Hey lovelies, hope everyone is having a good day so far.

So, the holy grail of fashion events went down lastnight…..Yes, the Met Gala! It is a major annual fundraising event geared towards benefitting the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute. The yearly celebration is themed and celebrities and attendies alike are expected to wear a representation based on their perception of the given theme. 

Co-Chair at Met Gala, Pharellel Williams and Wife- Comme Des Graçons

This year’s theme was Comme des Garçons by designer Rie Kawakubo. The 74 year old Japanese designer is known for designing risktaking, eye cathing make you look twice pieces. 

The attendees at this years ball really dissapointed me especially some of the big stars. The invitation says dress ‘Avant Garde’ and some of the pieces I saw lastnight was a 👎… you made no effort you could have just stayed home.

Here is a list of my top hot and hmmmm from lastnight’s star studded event.


Tracee Ellis Ross- Comme Des Graçons

Lala Anthony- Thai Nguyen Altelier

Janelle Monae- Ralph & Russo

Zendaya- Dolce and Gabbana Atla Moda

Priyanka Chova- Ralph Lauren Trench Coat Dress

Rita Ora- Marchesa 

The stunning Lori Harvey – Dolce and Gabbana

The undisputed island gal who stole the night as per usual, Rihanna – Comme Des Graçons


Maxwell – DSquared2


Future- H&M 

Cassie and Diddy- Aura Tout Vu + Rick Owens

Now to the Hmmm…..😒😒😒

Bella Hadid – Alexander Wang

Kim Kardashian- Vivienne Westwood

Wiz Khalifa- Thom Browne

What were some of your hot and hmmm looks from last night?


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Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival 2017 Recap

This years staging of Bacchanal Jamaica indeed had carnival revelers ‘spellbound’. 

Mi a di b-a-d-d-e-s-t Tifa ❤

The notorious steel pan. It wouldn’t be carnival without them.

Mi Gal Chana

Awww carnival and love a beautiful combo ❤

Kes the band

Beenie Man and Bunji Garlin shelling dung the place

Quite Perry

The Curvy Diva


Queen of Bacchanal: Alison Hinds

See also Carnival is woman 

Photo credit: skkann Media, Nirvana 

Muse: Azede Jean-Pierre


So, t

oday I’m musing the amazing fashion designer, Azede Jean-Pierre who hails from the beautiful island of Haiti *related article here*. Her self-titled label embodies freedom, one important word that comes to the mind when one thinks about the spirit of my Haitian brothers and sisters.


From a tender age Jean-Pierre got into sketching which eventually blossomed her into the eclectic inspiring designer she is today. Jean-Pierre’s line has a bohemian feel with a touch of structured fits that can be paired and worn to a business event or work. She even had the former First Lady Michelle Obama in pieces from her collection, now how dope is that!

Jean-Pierre combines her talents with philanthropy by recently partnering with Haitian business owners in order to design free uniforms for 12 schools within the island.


On her recent trip back to Haiti she jumped at the opportunity to mentor local artisans and entrepreneurs guiding and offering her insights. She also showed appreciation and making these talented people aware that there is indeed an international market for them.


Jean-Pierre also connected with a number of influential people and organizations that do a great deal for the country and its people.

With education being the key to sucess and Jean-Pierre’s design skills matched with local artists. It was safe to say the stance was pretty clear and that was to create school uniforms for the underprivileged. 

I know that this initiative is going to help out a lot of parents and children. I mean speaking from personal experience when you look good you feel good and ultimately will create a state of mind for learning.

Jean-Pierre is expected to work with local artists to produce these uniforms and is expected to come into effect for the upcoming school year 2017-2018.

I am really here for this and I absolutely love that she is using her talents to give back and not just signing a check like some would do. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty. There is no assistant doing the work, Pierre is and she is facing and interacting with her people and I admire her for that. You go girl!


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Coachella Fashion Favs


Hey guys and gals hope y’all are having an Irie Tuesday❤.

So, day 1 of Coachella got underway and the celebrities came out to play. You know what erks me is when you see these celebrities in some over the top outfits that just doesnt cut it for a day festival out in the frikin desert ugh. And then, there are those that do make the cut. Here is a break down of my fav looks from over the weekend.

She can do no wrong in my book! My absolute number 1 favourite ofcourse was badgal harself Rihanna.
She was dripping in Gucci. Let me just say if it was any one person that could pulled this look off it would be Riri. She chose an all-over crystal embroidered mesh top, matching all-over crystal embroidered mesh leggings, a white Gucci Print & Common Sense by Coco Capitan jersey tank top and stone bleach washed denim *battyrida* as we call them in Jamaica.



Regular jeans? Who wears that! Apparently not Riri! On Sunday Rihanna arrived just in time for Kendrick Lamar’s set wearing a Matthew Adams Dolan off-the-shoulder jacket and floor-grazing slit pants. Adam Selman x Le Specs sunglasses and thigh-high cream-colored Maison Margiela boots. Can you tell she came to slay?!


My next fav was Miss Eva Marcille honey gave me a been there slayed that bohemian type a vibe with her looks and I was loving it! Both jumpsuits and maxi dress are from OTT ss17 collection and Fenty×Puma slides.




Thanks for reading guys. What were some of your favourite looks?


Caribbean Designers Slaying in the Diaspora


The Caribbean and its diaspora has produced some talented barrier breaking individuals in every aspect of life you can think of and fashion design is one of them. This industry is filled with immensely talented designers from the Caribbean diaspora that are making major strides in this very populated field. The Caribbean is undoubtedly known for setting trends. What makes these designers very special is that they use their very rich heritage as the base or backbone from which all other high fashion pieces emerge from. For them it’s much more than just clothes it’s an experience and a story to be told every piece having its own story.

Azede Jean-Pierre


Azede Jean-Pierre’s brand embodies freedom one important word that comes to the mind when one thinks about the spirit of my Haitian brothers and sisters. From a tender age Jean-Pierre got into sketching which eventually blossomed her into the eclectic inspiring designer she is today. Jean-Pierre’s line has a bohemian feel with a touch of structured fits that can be paired and worn to a business event or work. She even had the former First Lady Michelle Obama has worn pieces from her collection, now how dope is that! Her line also consists of strappy linen dresses, spring vibes colors and patterns. This line offers a little bit of something for the different types of everyday woman. Jean-Pierre combines her talent with philanthropy by recently partnering with Haitian business owners in order to design free uniforms for 12 schools within the island. She is expected to work with local artist to produce these uniforms and is expected to come into effect for the upcoming school year 2017-2018.



Joelle Jean Fontaine

Joelle Jean Fontaine’s brand ‘I Am Kreyol’ is all about empowerment strength and bond. From her biggest inspirations mother and grandmother who had a career as a seamstress in Haiti was the fuel that Jean Fontaine needed to create this unapologetic clothing line. Jean  Fontaine and her mother have formed a force that creates clothing that infuses the traditional feminine aspect with fabrics and patterns that can be traced back to her rich Haitian heritage. Fontaine’s bold pieces such as bell sleeves and peplum tops are conversation starters that influence individuality of each and every one that has ever experienced this clothing line.



Davidson petit-Frère


Is a menswear designer who infuses his colorful Haitian heritage with modern silhouettes and the art of being a gentlemen to produce suits that encompass much more than just fashion. His suits bring a forceful fresh take on menswear that evokes power and commands attention. Petit Frere fell in love with suits from watching his dad and wearing suits himself due to his Real estate career. Social Media along with learning the art of tailoring play a major role in leading Petit Frere to launch his own clothing brand ‘Musika Frere’ along with partner Aleks Musika. Since then their brand has been worn by a number of celebrities such as Jay Z, Kevin Hart and Stephen Curry.

Samantha Black

Samantha Black is a fashion designer of Jamaican decent that got major recognition from being featured on Project Runway S11 and Project Runway All-stars S4.  And yes I was rooting for you, you were my favorite woot woot! Her perspective on colors and patterns and fabric goes deep beyond the surface. Pieces from her clothing brand SammyB are minimal yet thought provoking and sassy and edgy all at the same time. Black has shown her bold pieces at NYFW and has dresses celebrities such as Lala Anthony and Keri Hilson.


Marie Jean Baptiste


Jean Baptiste created a clothing line called Rue107 that boldly represents her upbringing in the beautiful island of Haiti. Jean Baptiste is a true representation of what it means when the saying goes we can only hide who we really are for so long. In this case from a tender age Jean Baptiste knew who she wanted to be but we live in a society when playing it safe is the way to go. Baptiste fell out of that que and it was then that she found her true purpose and that was Fashion designing. In 2011 she created her online clothing store that have dressed the likes of Queen ‘Bey’ Beyoncé  and Nicki Minaj just to name a few. Rue107 consists of vibrant statement street styles pieces that marry nostalgia with new experiences.



Thanks for reading but before you go feel free to share your idea on these designer and also if you have any that you would add to the list.
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