Soooo…..I came across this photo sometime ago and it brought back so many blissful memories. The nostalgia associated with this picture got me smiling from ear to ear.  I remember one instance so vividly when I got some rope that was laying around the house and decided to build a swing. I was very determine […]

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Spa Day

Who say you cant bring the spa to your home. You don’t have to spend a whole lot a money. You can relax right in the comfort of your own home. Unwind and get the much needed dose of relaxation that you lack. I’ve compiled a few of my own tips to share with you […]

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Currently Listening To:

Chronixx: Somewhere 🎶I can’t explain enough how inlove I am with this song right here. ‘Somewhere’ resonates with me….it takes me to that place……you that place you wish you can stay forever…Yes! That place. It’s Not just your typical romantic/love song and thats a major reason why I love it.🎶 Take a listen guys you […]

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Liebster Award

Sooooo….Guess what gals?!…..I recently got nominated for the Liebster Award! I’m really excited and humbled that at least one person out there is somewhat impacted in some kinda way by my blog posts. First off I’d like to thank the lovely Liyahsworld for nominating me. Liebster Award Rules Thank the person who nominated you and link […]

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Summer Daily Clense Routine

Soooo….In the mornings when I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone for any messages or missed calls that I might have gotten. Then, I head over to instagram and check a few news and gossip sites and scroll through a lil lol. After that I drink a glass of lemon […]

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Beauty Marks or Scars!?

Body art~Laolu Senbanjo What if the words we spoke appeared on our skin….would we still be beautiful…. I can’t say enough how powerful words can be! Being accountable for the things we say is just as important as being accountable for our actions. Words have the POWER to UPLIFT and words have thePOWER to TEAR-DOWN. […]

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Me and Mine

Lost in a world of ‘Young Thug’s’, when suddenly I looked up and saw him…..he had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. His piercing eyes drew me in sooo deeply….it was as if he could see my soul and I saw his…..soulmate. He smiled at me…ohh that smile made my heart skip a beat. […]

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