‘Good Friday’ Yaadie Style

Now, Jamaica is known for its spicy succulent Jerk chicken in terms of food. However around the ‘Easter holidays’ the only thing thats on the lips of Jamaicans are everything seafood and of course the notorious bun and cheese (no easter egg around here sorry). Right now every supermarket bun and cheese shelf empty (big […]

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Manguuhhh *Mango*

So its almost Mango time when the mango tree start to bear and di blossom inna everybody yaad. Being in the States now specifically where I live its not that easy to find an abundance of mango like it is back home. I only come across one type of mango. But if you are like […]

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Suitcase Chronicles

Hey gals and guys, hope everyone is having a great week so far….#HappyHumpDay. I should have written this post a couple weeks ago but I had alot a stuff doing anyways better late than never. Day 1 Busch Gardens So this trip to me to Tampa. I got a free ticket to go to Busch […]

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Summer Daily Clense Routine

Soooo….In the mornings when I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone for any messages or missed calls that I might have gotten. Then, I head over to instagram and check a few news and gossip sites and scroll through a lil lol. After that I drink a glass of lemon […]

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Beauty Marks or Scars!?

Body art~Laolu Senbanjo What if the words we spoke appeared on our skin….would we still be beautiful…. I can’t say enough how powerful words can be! Being accountable for the things we say is just as important as being accountable for our actions. Words have the POWER to UPLIFT and words have thePOWER to TEAR-DOWN. […]

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Anti World Tour

The city of Jacksonville was the first to witness the highly anticipated sold out world tour. Approximately 20,000 people came out to share a mutual presence with this Goddess BadGal RiRi. So the show started at 7:30 pm. The opening act Travis Scott came out at around 8:00pm and he did not disappoint. He came […]

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Our Black Temple

The Universe is our home.We are intergalactically connected; from the follicles of our hair to the ‘soul’ of our feet. Our bodies…..oh our sweet nectar-filled, sun-sculpted, moon-lit bodies shine with the utmost inner and outer glow so much that it confuses them whether to touch the day or night. The blood of the ancestors runs through our veins. Being the […]

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