History on Caribbean Celebrations

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So I’m back with another carnival post….Yes I love carnival and its still carnival season😁. Carnival in some people’s eyes is all just about wearing the prettiest outfit and bomb ass makeup.

 Carnival in the West Indies in recent times is dying mainly because of its commercialization. I see rappers coming to carnival to shoot their video in the midst of it all like wtf 😒…..using carnival as a prop… They have no clue what carnival is about. All they see is women in feathers. 

Another major breakdown of Carnival culture is that everything is so sexualized. Thousands of years ago woman and men walked the Earth naked and it was who they were and it was understood. Today if people as much as see a cheek showing that woman is going to be belittled. 

Carnival in the Caribbean and our African ancestors/traditional practices.

1. For those who don’t know, carnival is indeed of african roots. Our ancestors created carnival through a major celebration that they would practice after harvesting. Some of these Africans that were kidnapped and brought to the Caribbean did the same celebration after sugar cane harvesting was over.

2. Dress

 Here’s why the feathers are so important. They have been used by our ancestors and African culture for thousands of years. They represent our ability to travel to another realm, overcome illnesses, bad situation, to be reborn, rise above trial and tribulations. It also represents spiritual growth. 


3. Characters

The various characters such as stilts figures and Jankunu are exactly that of our ancestors and is still to this day being practiced. I personally love the Jonkunu. I always look foward to it. However in recent times it is so commercialized to the point where its now a photo op instead of I’m enlightened and appreciative by the meaning of this.

4. Dance

 Our dance and style of parading is of our ancestors themselves. If you notice, we march and parade about in circles. That’s most of what we do. This is in fact a very ancient tradition where our ancestors would parade in circles with their costumes, masks and headdresses on throughout their villages to bring forth positive energy, good fortune and heal problems. The music is also a big part of carnival and African traditional musical instuments are key in producing amazing carnival music.

Im doing this because another major carnival celebration is just around the corner, Crop Over. For those who don’t know Crop Over is celebrated in Barbados and is held in the month of July. It is important that we understand what this celebration is all about. 

Of course you know I had to show my fav in her Crop Over costumes for the past couple years.

Crop Over 2015

Crop Over 2013

Crop Over 2011

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Dexta Daps ‘Owner’ Short Film

Yuh see due to how mi nuh able 😁😩 make mi start out by saying: This program is rated X and is intended only for viewing by adults, over the age of 18.

Recording dancehall artiste Dexta Daps released the visuals to his single ‘Owner’. Now, Dexta daps is well known for his hit single ‘7eleven’  and his very impressive eggplant 😂…..(don’t ask me for the pics…..but you can google it😏 interested parties)

The visual to the single ‘Owner’ has the dancehall community shook! The short film is about 8 min long. It was shot in Toronto, Canada and directed by Callawgrove Entertainment. Mr Dexta Daps already had the hearts of every woman from his leaked nudes but now he just refueled that lust and let me be the one to inform you men out there; your woman is not safe! 😂😂😂

The video started off with Dexta daps in the pool, then it shows this woman getting naked and soon after joins him. They began to have from the visuals very passionate sex in a number of positions.

He fuses R&B, Dancehall and Rock in that order to create an insane masterpiece. Dexta Daps is such an underrated artiste and this single shows the variety and greatness of his talents.

If you havent seen the video here it is.


Chronology Tour


Chronology Tour
Zincfence redemption

Look here nuh man you see this man right here is one of the chosen ones. His music, his spirit, his mind is on a whole other level. I’m a day one fan of this King right here and when I tell you that the performance that he put on last night was an experience that touched the mind and the soul all at the same time.


The opening act, Kelissa, blessed the stage with her beautiful voice singing hits such as “How Many More” and even showcased her guitar skills which were phenomenal by the way.


Soon it was time for the man himself, hailing from Spanish Town Jamaica, Chronixx. He came out and immediately put the whole audience in a rhythmic trance with his dancing. The way he danced, flashing his locs; his hand and foot movement brought out a nostalgic feeling that was embedded in our genes ancestrally. We, our physical selves, didn’t necessarily moved like that but our ancestors did and passed it down to us metaphysically.
He graced us with hit after hit such as :
Capture Land
Nah follow nobody
Smile Jamaica
They Don’t Know
Roots and Chalice” My Fav ❤




Throughout his performance, he brought opening act, Kelissa back out and the two performed their hit single “Winna” and it was electrifying and filled with soul.
What I love about Chronixx is his ‘unapologetic-ness’. He is not afraid to share the truth and talk about the injustices that we as melanated people face around the world. During his performance he took the time to share a very important message. He talked about the Coral Gardens massacre that happened in Jamaica under white supremacist leader Alexander Bustamante. What was Good Friday for many yesterday was Bad Friday for the Rastafarian community caused by events that took place marked 52 years ago to date. P.M. Bustamante ordered to bring in all Rastas, dead or alive. Over 150 Rastas were arrested, jailed, beaten and tortured just because they refused to conform to Babylon and their twisted system. Indeed a very dark day. He further talked about how just 52 years ago it was a bad and very dangerous thing just being a Rasta. In today’s society, especially now more than ever a lot of people are treating locs as a fashion trend without knowing and appreciating the true meaning of what it is, the numerous battles that they fought and how significant it is.


I end this off by personally saying, “You were nothing short of Amazing.” If Chronixx comes to a city near you please go see him you won’t regret it. Check Tour dates



Skankin Sweet!




Pic credit: chronixx instagram